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Balsa Manufaktur.

A passion for model cars in wood

As children we have dreamed of our own world: we first draw it, then we build it in Lego. Later, as adults, still we like to build objects and dioramas which reflects our imaginary world we carry in us. Sometimes it is only a model of a car, a ship or an airplane, sometimes it is a remote control to bring toys alive. 

Balsa Manufaktur uses the beauty of the exotic Balsa Wood to design and build vintage car models. The models are created by laser cutter and built carefully by hand. Therefore each model, although based on a digital file, gets an own character because the wood structure and color changes, the curves are bended by hand and finishing is done with sandpaper.

The idea behind this kind of wooden cars is also related to the origins of the model cars itself: in the Forties and early Fifties car models were made out of balsa wood, by adding few structural components in plastic or metal. Famous examples are Hudson Miniatures and Berkeley.

There are different categories of models: 
The Classic collection aims to reach perfectness in all details, in a very small scale. Still being reproducible, it might be among the most detailed wooden car models which can be considered a model kit.

Go to: Classic Collection Scale 1:20

The half inch scale refers to a commonly used scale for dollhouses. The models are built by simplifying the design without losing the character of the car.

Go to: Half Inch Scale 1:24

Balsamanufaktur can also create Custom Made models, based on a customer design, or design something which is different from the "usual". The scale can be different.

Go to: Custom Made Models


The cars have an own designed showcase in transparent acrylic glass with base in black plexiglass and base frame in Balsawood.

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